Barnes & Noble add signed copies of The Outsiders by S.E Hinton to stores!

(My two omnibus editions of S.E Hinton works! The left is Viking 2001, the right is Collins Tracks from the UK in 1995, my all time favourite UK edition)

For their Holiday Gift Guide, Barnes & Noble added a huge roster of authors to sign copies of their books to be sold in stores.
S.E Hinton’s classic The Outsiders is listed under “Enduring Works, Admired Authors.” Book sales prove this is true as S.E tweeted that last year, The Outsiders sold more copies than ever before and that this year is ahead of last year’s sales already!
Penguin have previously stated back in 2007 that The Outsiders still sells more than 500,000 copies a year so for these numbers to be increasing as the years go by, show the enduring power and continuing appeal that The Outsiders still has, a book first published in 1967.

Tackling a daunting amount of 4,000 books, S.E Hinton put on three seasons of Supernatural, her favourite show and got to work signing these books last summer. She tweeted that she has the callouses to prove it!

I look forward to seeing who picks up these coveted signed editions as the copies roll out to all nationwide stores from 27th November, Black Friday. Or maybe you’ll be lucky enough to have one gifted to you!

These special editions remarkably will the priced the same as a regular copy of the book instores.
Be sure to tweet us, S.E Hinton and @B&NBuzz if you buy a copy for youself, or to give others this holiday season with their hashtag #BNSignedEditions !