Matt Dillon’s Music Documentary news and Wayward Pines debuts at SDCC tomorrow!

Tomorrow the Wayward Pines panel is taking place at San Diego Comic Con, where Matt Dillon and the rest of the diverse cast will be taking part in a panel after the first episode’s worldwide premiere. It’s exciting that Matt is taking part in promotion for this fantastic new show and we can’t wait to see the news reports, videos and photos tomorrow!
The panel is at 1.30-2.30pm in Room 5AB.
The episode is directed by M. Night Shyamalan and written by Chad Hodge. Scheduled to participate are cast members Matt Dillon, Melissa Leo, Toby Jones, Carla Gugino, Terrence Howard, Reed Diamond, Shannyn Sossamon, Tim Griffin, and Charlie Tahan and executive producers M. Night Shyamalan, Donald De Line, Chad Hodge and Ashwin Rajan. Moderated by Rob Moynihan (TV Guide).


Look out for the promotional air fresheners and grab one for me if you can!

In the meantime, thank you to the wonderful JayJay for sharing this exclusive article on Matt and his new music documentary from The Luxury Channel.
Long time fans will know that Matt is very dedicated about music especially Afro-Carribean genres, collecting rare vinyl and has directed music videos before, as well as starring in them.
This new documentary, a real passion project, explores the influence of a Cuban jazz inspired musician, “El Gran” Francisco Fellove as Matt documented his musical legacy before Fellove’s passing away last year.

Photo credit: Matt Dillon –“I want to be more proactive; to do the things I’m excited about as an actor and director as opposed to just being an actor for hire.”

Stating how privileged he was to spend time with Francisco, Matt talks about how the Cuban and Mexican musicians were “so creative and interesting” that he was driven to film “the people and their relationships and the way they took care of each other.”

Photo Credit: Roberto Ponce

Head over to The Luxury Channel to read the full article to see what inspired Matt to become an actor as well as his new favourite word!

UPDATE: SE Hinton kindly tweeted this article and commented on Matt’s Fellove project!
“@RumbleFishFans I’ve seen a lot of it. Very interesting. And I’m not even musical.
He’s been working on this for years.”