Rumble Fish screening at The New Beverly, LA August 19th as part of William Smith tribute!

Mr. William Smith passed away on the 5th of July, at the Motion Picture and Television Fund’s Country House and Hospital at the age of 88. His beloved wife, Joanne sadly shared the news on the William Smith pages she maintains on Facebook.

The New Beverly Cinema in Los Angeles, (owned by Quentin Tarantino, an unabashed William Smith and Rumble Fish fan!) is paying tribute with a week of double bill screenings, starring William Smith. They are pairing their screening of Any Which Way You Can with Rumble Fish, both on 35mm. Joanne Smith is introducing the screenings as well as giving a chance to win copies of William Smith’s poetry books.

To publicise these tribute screenings, the New Beverly have a gorgeous set of free postcards printed up, depicting William Smith in a publicity shot.

The New Beverly also had a film writer, Marc Edward Heuck write a lovely in depth article on William, entitled, William, He was really something! And he sure was. He left such a legacy behind and a lot for fans to enjoy. Marc’s article gives a lovely quote that William gave to Shock Zine in 1998, talking about his career and working on Rumble Fish as Patterson the cop, “[I] asked him, ‘How do you see this Patterson guy, Mr. Coppola?’ He said, ‘Do you know what a spectre is?’ I said, ‘Yeah, it’s a dark, ghostlike figure.’ He said, ‘Be a spectre,’,”

We have a pair of tickets to give away to the sold out double bill on our Instagram account.

Rumble Fish will feature on the New Beverly podcast as the hosts discuss their August line up on Pure Cinema Podcast. Be careful of spoilers if you have not seen some of these films before!

After an appreciated screening at the BFI, London, it’s heartwarming to see this film being shown across the ocean to faithful fans as well, especially with the rare chance to see it in 35mm!

Photo Credit: The New Beverly Facebook