Coppola gets his Star and Matt returns to Oklahoma!

What a wonderful week ahead. It starts with Francis Ford Coppola’s receiving a Hollywood Walk of Fame Star on Monday and ends with Matt Dillon taking part in an art talk in Oklahoma on Friday!

Monday’s ceremony starts at 11.30am where Francis’s star will be inaugurated outside the iconic landmark of Musso and Frank’s Grill in Hollywood. The ceremony will be presided over by Ellen K, a radio host, whilst actresses Elle Fanning and Talia Shire will talk at the ceremony.

As the news broke of Coppola’s long awaited star, so many audiences were incredulous as to how he never had one before, as long suffering Walk of Fame producer Ana Martinez found herself explaining over and over again.

Ana patiently explains to many people that Coppola had to be nominated first

Many people do not realise that the star nominations have to come from the people’s representatives themselves, usually to tie in with promotion for a new project, as well as a LOT of paperwork before the nominations get seen by the Hollywood Chamber committee. As Coppola stated in a recent interview with Variety, it’s usually the studios that finance the stars to promote new projects.
“The way that it works is that when a picture opens, the studio that has financed or distributed it pays to get your name on the street. Since I have either financed or distributed my own movies, I’ve never had the good fortune of having a studio take that event.”

As cinemas continue to celebrate #TheGodfather50 with specially restored 4K screenings of the Godfather trilogy including the new Michael Corleone Coda, Coppola is all over the industry news as fans are intrigued by Paramount’s new series, The Offer, all about the making of The Godfather which premieres in April. Coppola has been giving interviews and talking about his hopes and vision of making Megalopolis which fans know Coppola has talked about for decades and Coppola has finally decided to front the money himself, reportedly at upwards to $120 million and hopes to shoot in the autumn. We’ll be looking forward to updates on that project, especially when it comes to casting!

The Hollywood Walk of Fame website states there will be a livestream available on their official site, so be sure to tune in when the ceremony starts at 11.30am PDT (6.30pm in GMT time!). We are excited to see the director of The Outsiders and Rumble Fish as well as so many pure cinematic classics get all this recognition and honours that are long deserved. Bravo, Mr Coppola!

As Friday approaches, fans will be celebrating the 39th anniversary of The Outsiders film’s release on March 25th. Coppola will again be honoured this week with a lifetime achievement award, at the ICG Publicists Awards Luncheon, an in-person ceremony that recognizes excellence in publicity, promotion, still photography and journalism for motion pictures and television, taking place at the Beverly Hilton Hotel.

In Oklahoma City, Matt Dillon will be taking part in an art talk with artist John Newsom who opens a large exhibition on nature, Nature’s Course at Oklahoma Contemporary which runs until August 25th.

Matt Dillon and John Newsom pose with Matt’s conga drums. Photo by Natasha Prince.

Matt and John are friends, having worked together on various art exhibitions and projects such as Moby Dick Filet, a run of chapter books where they each illustrated a chapter of Moby Dick in their own art styles.

The art talk on Friday 25th March from 6-7pm is free, tickets available here (still 15 tickets left!) and there will be another livestream of the talk online (you can watch it on the art institute’s Facebook page or on YouTube here) . Matt has been getting more involved with art over the years, having his art included in group exhibitions and commissioned for pieces. He finally had his very own solo show in Berlin curated by Harald Falkenberg and Guido Baudach. As part of Matt’s return to Oklahoma, we hope Matt stops by Tulsa to visit the Outsiders House Museum and hopefully spend a little time with S.E Hinton!