Films, series and stunts!

It’s the end of summer 2020 and oof, what a year it’s been so far! I hope you are all healthy and safe.

I wanted to round up where our beloved Greaser actors are so far with new projects. It’s so exciting to finally write that Matt Dillon’s long gestating documentary on musician Francisco Fellove, The Great Fellove will finally be making its world premiere at the upcoming San Sebastian film festival 18-26th September in Spain!

Matt has also been taking part in various film festivals. He flew out to Italy where he took part in the Filming Italy San Sardegna film festival from 22-26th July, as a honorary president, where he reunited with Wayward Pines co-star Toby Jones! Matt also had the honour of introducing a screening of City of Ghosts in an outdoor screening! Matt has joined the Venice Film Festival from the 2-12th September, as a judge on the international jury, replacing a director who had to pull out of the festival.

C Thomas Howell has been delighting fans with thirst trap photos on Instagram, sharing his gorgeous new horses, along with his roping skills. As Tommy waits for his new project to film, he’s kept busy by sharing his new merchandise line StayGoldMerch that has an amazing selection of masks and stickers with designs from artists like Tulsan Randy Riggs. Check out the designs they have and they will have more coming soon.

Rob Lowe has LITERALLY kept us hanging on his every word as his new podcast LITERALLY dropped in May. He’s had some fantastic guests, as well as taking part on other podcasts, ranging from Dax Shepard, Justin Long or an epic 3 hour chat with Joe Rogan. We look forward to the day Rob talks to another greaser for his podcast! Watch as Rob hosts Mental Samurai and he will also be joined by Gina Torres on 9-1-1 Lonestar’s second season.

Emilio Estevez was filming The Mighty Ducks series for Disney+ when the pandemic meant the end of production was halted for lockdown. We hope Coach Bombay is back on skates and that filming resumes safely. Emilio took part in a Stay-At-Home discussion with TIFF’S Cameron Bailey where he gave a very rare and uniquely moving look back at The Breakfast Club, acknowledging his refusal to look back at his career or take part in film retrospectives has hurt fans or even his own cast mates. He wonders about the current trend for nostalgia and how film can tell the stories of those who are marginalised. Check out the video on YouTube and many thanks to Cameron whose support meant we were able to have this rare insight from Emilio himself.

Ralph Macchio has crane kicked his way across the world as Cobra Kai slithers into Netflix’s dojo as their new number 1 show! Having loved the show ever since it aired on YouTubeRed, it’s a real joy to see a whole new audience engage with the continuing feud between Johnny Lawrence and Daniel LaRusso, especially when it contains some amazing performances from William Zabka, alongside Ralph. There are so many fun easter eggs and nudges to the original Karate Kid films, did you spot the ‘blink and you’ll miss it’ reference to The Outsiders? S E Hinton is currently watching and enjoying the show too.

Tom Cruise arrived back in the UK amidst controversy due to the government making actors and the crew exempt from UK coronavirus lockdown policies.  Whilst filming in the UK, Tom has gone to see TENET at the BFI IMAX and enjoyed the anonymity of wearing a mask in public!  He is currently hard at work in Norway, continuing his commitment to the character by taking part in huge stunts to be seen on screen in the new Mission Impossible film from Chris McQuarrie. Whilst working in Norway, Tom has personally hired two large cruise ships to host the film’s cast and crews, hopefully keeping any further coronavirus delays at bay. 

Mickey Rourke hasn’t let the Coronavirus pandemic slow him down either, although he chose not to show up at the Liverpool Comic Convention in March, where fans had travelled from Israel, Amsterdam, Greece and all across the UK to see him, only to be told that he cancelled at the very last minute, whilst the organisers had a car waiting for him at the airport.

If you want to purchase a signed picture that Mickey signed to try and make up for not appearing in person, reach out to Monopoly Events as they have a selection of Mickey signed items.

Instead of hanging out with his boxer friend Liam Vaughan’s family like he said he had been looking forward to doing, Mickey shared coronavirus memes and Naomi Campbell’s plane cleaning routine, then flew to Europe (sleeping on an airport floor, to Naomi’s distaste) where he filmed a film and a commercial in Latvia where they were held in lockdown, then he made a film in Palm Springs. Now Mickey is in Athens, Greece for a one day shoot on Man Of God, where he portrays a ‘paralysed man who is believed to have been healed by the miracle working saint’ St Nectarious. The faith based film, partly funded by Sony Russia will be released in November. Yes, this November.

S.E Hinton has finished her signed pages for the next Barnes and Noble Black Friday sale, all three thousand of them! We hope many fans will be able to pick them up in stores in November. As this is a continuing theme, it would be great if B&N could mark the books perhaps with a yearly sticker, “B&N Buzz, SIGNED BY THE AUTHOR 2020” or something along those lines, otherwise it gets hard to tell which year, which edition came out! It’s too much to hope for a new cover, so I assume these will be either the sepia toned hardbacks or more of the special 50th Anniversary hardback editions. We shall have to wait and see.