Matt Dillon at Marateale 2021 and an update on his new projects, Land Of Dreams and American Dreamer.

As the world begins to hopefully open up again, our Greaser actors are making new appearances in the public eye.

 Credit to: Domenico Pecora – licensed for use under Creative Common “Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0)”

Matt Dillon was recently awarded the 13th edition of Marateale – the Basilicata International Award, which he accepted in Italy, as he and Roberta attended the festival held in the beautiful surroundings of the Santavenere hotel in Maratea.

 Credit to: Domenico Pecora – licensed for use under Creative Common “Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0)”

Matt spoke to Italian press, specifically Today Italia, about his connection to the country, regarding Italy as a place where, “Who knows, perhaps from my past life, I was from here.” Stating whilst New York is home to him, Matt considers “Rome… like a second home and whenever you’re in the southern part of Italy, it is like a holiday, the sea, it is beautiful and the food and the people are nice.”

Whilst talking with an interviewer on stage on July 31st and showing an exciting new clip from El Gran Fellove , Matt also teased a dream project he wants to work on, saying, “I have a project here in Italy, hopefully, but I can’t talk about it now, but I hope to work here, I really want it, it’s a great dream”.

Despite having said he doesn’t like giving advice, Matt suggested to novice filmmakers that the key to success in filmmaking is to focus on the right motivations, otherwise it won’t go very well!

 Credit to: Domenico Pecora – licensed for use under Creative Common “Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0)”

Matt’s latest projects have had some developments as his documentary, El Gran Fellove will screen as part of Telluride’s upcoming festival in Colarado, in September (2nd to 6th September). Another new project, Land of Dreams, directed by visionary Shirin Neshat will appear at Venice Film Festival (1st September to 11th September) as part of their international Orizzonti strand. Starring Matt alongside Sheila Vand, William Moseley, Anna Gunn and Christopher McDonald (shout out to a personal favourite, Michael A. Goorjian!), the political satire film was made in 7 weeks, shooting in Southwestern America.

Matt Dillon as Alan and Sheila Vand as Simin
Credit to: Bon Voyage Films/Palodeon Pictures/Ghasem Ebrahimian

As noted in this wonderful and in depth article from Cultured Mag, in Land of Dreams, Sheila plays an Iranian named Simin who works for the American government Census Bureau which is collecting people’s dreams. Simin reports her findings to a secret community of Iranians residing in a sterile modernist facility inside a mountain in Navajo Nation. Matt stars as Alan, accessorised with a bandana and a motorcycle.

Playful and poignant, Land of Dreams acknowledges the greatness of the American experiment while offering a warning beacon for what could come. (IMDB) 
Credit to Bon Voyage Films/Palodeon Pictures/Ghasem Ebrahimian

Matt’s other latest project, a dark comedy from Phil Dektor, American Dreamer,  reunites Matt with his Saint of Fort Washington co-star, Danny Glover! Peter Dinklage stars as the lead, Dr. Phil Loder alongside Shirley McClaine, and they filmed in Canada. Matt stars as Phil’s real estate agent as Phil pines after an unattainable home to call his until he meets Shirley McClaine’s character who offers her entire estate for pennies. Too good to be true? It seems it as Danny Glover’s private eye is on the case! This project is currently in post production and we look forward to seeing it when it is released.