#HangOutAtHome and watch Rumble Fish with Rebel Reel Cine Club!

Thanks to Rebel Reel Cine Club, this current lockdown across UK has a fun distraction by hosting a streaming watchalong of Rumble Fish, along with tasty curated cocktails and delicious burger meals that you can make at home!

This Thursday, the 26th of November from 7pm, you can watch along with the food preparation as the DJ set spins from Zippo Records and Rebel Reel Cine Club will host a fun interactive watchalong on YouTube Live as they host polls, a bingo game and fun trivia contests! You can win items, or buy limited edition pins and prints as part of your package!

Make your burger with all the trimmings, ask Benny for a chocolate milk and settle in to watch a favourite film along whilst chatting with others!

Although Rebel Reel Cine Club as a member’s club, normally hosts these cinematic events in London, and had held outside popup screenings earlier this year, due to this lockdown’s restrictions, they didn’t want the fun to stop and have moved the proceedings online. Be sure to sign up, £3 gets you entry and a pin! The YouTube stream is open internationally, check your time zones and be ready to press play on your copy of Rumble Fish! I’m really looking forward to this and hope to see you there. Follow Rebel Reel Cine Club on Instagram and follow us on Instagram too!

If you didn’t fancy making a burger, Vincent Spano offers a pasta recipe!